Volsted JULEGIN 2023 43.0% 0.7L, Spirits

Volsted julegin 2023

Alcohol: 43.0%

48,40 EUR

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  • 0,7 L (69,14 EUR/L)
  • Incl. 21% VAT

Volsted Julegin is a tradition!

Volsted Julegin 2023 is a wonderful gin with a heavenly taste of cardamom and orange, with notes of cloves and cinnamon. It has a round harmonious taste, which is also characterized by the other gins from Volsted.

Every year we let an artist do the image at the label -always picturing a bird. All our gins are carrying bird names, with the exception of our CRYO gin. The taste is the same every year.

Served with a good Indian tonic and a slice of fresh or dehydrated orange, or served with hot apple juice.

The original picture at the label will be put on an auction, running until 29th December 2022. And the whole amount will be given to charity. Last year we could give DKK 27,557 to “det kærlige måltid”.

The tradition continues..... In 2024, a new Christmas gin will arrive with a beautiful label, the same delicious taste and a support of charity.

  • Alcohol: 43.0% vol.
  • Allergens: Gluten

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